How to play

Pop the balloons
Pop all the balloons by tapping on them before they hit the ground. If a balloon hits the ground, you lose a life.

Connect the stars
Draw a line connecting all of the stars. Lifting your finger or thumb off the screen before all of the stars have been connected, loses you a life.

Select the object, fruit, animal or type of food
Simply select the object, fruit, animal or type of food. An incorrect selection loses you a life.

Arithmetic and Spelling
Type the mathemitcal answer or the word displayed, then hit the 'answer' button. An incorrect answer loses you a life.

Drag circle to diamond
Move the circle by dragging/swiping it to the blue diamond. You can only move vertically or horizontally but not diagnolly. If you hit the boundaries you'll slow down but not lose a life. Hitting the red spinning enemies will lose you a life.

Tap biggest to smallest
Tap the circles from biggest to smallest, tapping on an incorrect size in the sequence will lose you a life but you won't have to start over.

Shoot all the enemies
Shoot all the enemy ships before they crash into the ground or into you, either of which, will lose you a life